This is a fast paced class in learning to understand and master basic shapes within quilting patterns and developing hand-eye coordination as you combine shapes to stitch free flowing unmarked patterns. The sewing machine becomes a drawing tool as participants learn free-motion quilting skills, starting with the fundamental shapes of quilting designs, and then advancing to more complex patterns without marking or measuring. You learn fill patterns; chain, cluster, and contained space quilting, single motifs and stop ‘n’ start designs. You’ll add spirals, and stars to enhance your quilts and emulate nature by stitching veins, leaves, vines, and flowers. A sewing machine with a darning foot or free motion quilting foot required. For beginner through intermediate.

Supplies List:

  • Sewing machine where the feed dogs will lower, free-motion foot or darning foot, please be familiar with your machine and have it in good working order.
  • Thread : cotton, poly or acrylic in different thickness and bright colors for contrast with the fabric, some decorative threads such as variegated or rayons.
  • Machine quilting needles and assorted embroidery, metallica and metafil needles in sizes 90/14, 80/12 & 70/10, twin needle size 2.0/80 or 2.5/80.
  • Fabric : ten to twelve quilt sandwiches (two layers of muslin or plain cotton colors with cotton batting, sized approx.14” x 14”), lightly basted together.
  • Basic Sewing Supplies including scissors, small trash bag, permanent fabric pen, note/sketch paper, chalk marker, machine quilting gloves and extension cord.
  • Optional: three ring binder with lightweight sheet protectors, (for display and storage of stitched samples.)


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