written by her husband

Debra was born and raised in Southeast Michigan in a family where everyone was blessed with the artistic and creative gene. Her Mom also got her off to an early start, teaching her how to sew on a machine when she was only 3 years old, so later in life quilting came quickly to her, especially since by then she sat taller than the table!

Actually it was in the early 90's that she started quilting, after I moved her to Indianapolis for a five year stay. I remember her striving to make her points match perfectly (down to the last thread!) on her first quilt blocks, never dreaming that this attention to detail was soon going to lead to her award winning, amazingly realistic works of art.

One thing I appreciate about Debra's fabric art is that she just wants to capture and share the unique beauty nature has to offer -- no hidden meanings, no political or social statements, no depiction of the angst and despair of life; we all face enough of that in this world -- but everyone from all backgrounds and cultures can enjoy something that is truly beautiful.

When she isn't busy creating new works of art, she is often busy planting them. Debra loves gardening and visiting gardens, and is always taking pictures to use as models for her future quilts. Every vacation trip will find some time spent in a botanical garden, arboretum, or greenhouse.

People who meet Debra, the art quilter, are surprised to learn that she previously had careers as a rodeo competitor, and as a radio broadcaster. I think the rodeo background taught her the courage and persistence necessary to complete something that is beyond the ordinary. Her background in broadcasting is the perfect complement to her art and is apparent each time she gives a lecture or workshop.

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Debra M. Danko
P.O. Box 434, Grand Blanc, MI 48480-0434